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This site has it all. You can play games, watch disney show previews, listen to music, chat, buy disney merchandise, read online books, send e-card, and the list continues.

Warner Bros Kids Online
Watch Looney Tunes everyday from Looney Tunes Theater. You can listen to interactive stories. And you can even learn about internet with friends from Looney Tunes.
Daily horoscopes, listen to music from radio, and check out Nickelodeon magazines online. And yes, games and tons of them. Those Rugrats multi-player games are pretty cool.

Fun School
Lots of games, and they teach you morelinks too. Just choose your age group, and hoah... hours of fun and learn something at the same time.

Fox Kids
Cool looking site with upbeat music. You can play games, chat, join foxkids club, Digimon, and more. And yes, they have Power Rangers. It's time to morph kids.

Pokemon World
Pikachu, I choose you... you know the drills. If you want to find out about Pokemon, this is a good site to start. Know everything about Pokemon? Then challenge yourself with Pokemon trivia, or you can sit back and play Pokemon card game online.